Förderpreise 2024 der Landes­hauptstadt München

Exhibition of the nominations
16.03. - 26.05.2024

Exhibition opening:
Friday, 15.03.2024, 7 pm

Speeches by City Councillor David Süß, representing the Lord Mayor
City Director Marek Wiechers, Department of Culture

Award ceremony:
Tuesday, 14.05.2024, 7 pm

Speeches by City Councillor Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann, representing the Lord Mayor
Presentation of the certificate by Head of Cultural Affairs Anton Biebl

Every two years, the City of Munich awards prizes for fine arts, architecture, design, photography and jewelry. The exhibition shows works by the artists and designers nominated by the members of the five juries.

32 Positions from the fields of fine and applied arts come together. With their contributions, the artists and designers provide an insight into Munich*s creative scene.

The sponsorship prizes are awarded in recognition of outstanding artistic achievement in the respective field and are endowed with 8,000 euros each. The entire body of work to date is assessed. Based on the jury's recommendations, the City Council decided on the award at the end of April 2024.

Sponsorship prize for Visual arts
Minjae Lee

Sponsorship prize for Visual arts
Siyoung Kim

Sponsorship prize for Architecture
Victoria Schweyer and Jana Wunderlich

Sponsorship prize for Design
Claudia Klein

Sponsorship prize for Photography
Lorraine Hellwig

Sponsorship prize for Jewelry
Takayoshi Terajima

Nominated artists and artists

Visual arts
Cana Bilir-Meier
Siyoung Kim
Minjae Lee
Janina Totzauer
Max Weisthoff
Katharina Weishäupl

Gesche Bengtsson, Elena Masla, Zora Syren
Mauricio Fleischer Acuña, Thomas Rojas Sonderegger, Marlene Stechl
Benjamin Eder, Lena Maria Eder
Nanni Grau, Frank Schönert
Victoria Schweyer, Jana Wunderlich
Katja Aufermann, Ingrid Liebald
Johannes Krohne, Bernhard Kurz

Jonas Beuchert und Tilman Schlevogt
Kai Büschl
Stephanie Kahnau
Claudia Klein
Alexander Rehn
Tobias Trübenbacher

Nina Aeberhard
Gina Bolle
Francesco Giordano
Verena Hägler
Elias Hassos
Lorraine Hellwig
Florian Tenk

Danni Chen
Sarah Cossham
Doerthe Fuchs
Nelly Stein
Takayoshi Terajima
Florian Weichsberger